Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Looking for: Yarn!

I am looking for yarn to use for Charity projects.  It can be gaudy, it can be half a ball, and it can be whatever you can and are willing to donate.  Acrylic is lovely and wonderful!

I am currently working on blankets to donate to the animal shelters.  I know SCAT accepts donations and I will likely look into the SPCA as well.  I have made 2 blankets so far and would like to make a whole lot more.  For those yarns that I have less of, I am hoping to make cat toys that the shelters can also sell.  

And when the yarn gets to be too little for that, there is a lady in my craft guild who donates the itty bitty bits to a church who uses them to make dolls for packing dental supplies for a third world countries.  So many places will benefit!  Last time, I had a grocery bag worth of little scraps just from my own projects, and I already have a quarter of a grocery bag!

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