Friday, January 28, 2011

Time for New Projects!

So I managed to finish off my knitting projects, and its time to start some new ones.  I did attempt to start some socks the other night but didn't get too far, I just ripped it out several times.  I will try again another day.

I also have started a new crochet project - a granny square blanket.  I am using blue and pink together and will be donating it to the Crisis Nursery along with all the scarves I have made.  I did notice night that I have a scarf that I haven't finished in crochet, but I think I only have a row or two left (long rows) so I can finish it without too much effort.

I will have pictures in a few days.  :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Forever Afghan is done!

My goal was actually to finish this in 2010, so I figure the 16th of January isn't that bad.

I finished the actual blanket sometime last year, but had to cut the thread off and tuck in the ends, which I was dreading.  But tonight I was feeling restless so felt this would be a good task.  I got about 20 rows done and was surprised to find I had done most of the ends previously so I was done!

And the blanket

And a closeup.  Its a very simple pattern, I could pick it up after a year and have no issues.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Forward to 2011

Many people like to use this time to evaluate the past year, but 2010 was not the greatest year for me, so I prefer to look forward and talk about what I hope to accomplish this year.

Day job – This is one of those bad things, so I hope 2011 sees me in a happy place, seeing as a person spends many hours at their job.

Candles – My Gold Canyon business picked up as the year went on, and I hope to see it continue and grow.  No complaints here.

Online Work – I was hoping to hit 2k, and I made just over 2,100.  I hope to increase this to at least 3k this year and maybe even 4k.  I plan to expand where I have been working and what I have been doing.

Blogging – I plan to continue my Candle blog (, I have started a new blog which I will post here when I am ready to start promoting it, and I will continue this blog.  I need to decide if my WAH blog is going to survive, as it has been greatly neglected.

Crafting – I want to get more adventurous and try new things.  I already have a few things in my queue on Ravelry that I want to try.  I am still in the craft guilt, in the knitting area, but have decided crochet is where I prefer to be.  I still want to tackle a knitted sock too.

Cats – Continue loving on them and harassing them.  As much as some days I want to adopt a new one, I know that is not a good decision for a variety of reasons.  I may look into doing some volunteer work with the cat shelters in town.

Travel – I am hoping to go on a holiday in 2012, so continue to plan for this and save the funds up to go.