Monday, August 13, 2012

Couponing for Charity

As I posted a bit ago, I have gotten more involved with couponing.  In the last year or so I had heard about places you could get coupons from but in the last six months I found a group on Facebook and got involved.  I am to the point where I have actually written a few articles over at Hubpages about couponing.  It’s not that I am an expert, but I want to help others.  Especially Canadians who are trying to coupon as it is different here than in the States.

But I have to say, one of my favourite things about couponing is getting things for very cheap or free that I can then donate.  Donating to charities does not always have to be about money, it can be about providing your time or a service.  But, by proper couponing, you can get things for very little money.

For instance, one of the best deals here is dove.  With the right coupons, you can get any dove product for a penny (plus tax).  So I have started a donation bin and I have shampoo, conditioner and deodorant in there to give away.  I have not figured out the charity – it may be for a family I hear of in need, it may go to the YWCA or maybe through a charity drive at work.  Another great deal is pads being on sale for $1.97 and I have a coupon for $2 off.   Every time I go to the store, I buy one or two packages.

I think one of the best things you can do as a couponer is to be responsible and respectful.  To me, this means not clearing the shelf of the entire product but only buying a few.  For instance, the pads above – that price is half price.  I can guarantee you that there are women out there who will gladly pay the $2 that they are listed for.  And this is likely why the shelf is quite bare when I am at the store.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Neglected Blog

Wow.. my poor neglected blog!

A quick update on my life:

Still crafting – have donated quite a few items to various places.. But still have a lot of yarn left!

My cats – They are still crazy and enjoying destroying my couch :(

Blogging – I have several blogs going.. Some are neglected and others are current.  But I guess when you run a blog like a business and try to make an income from it, it makes it a bit different.

Writing – Still doing writing work and attempting to finish an e-book.  It is definitely a long process!

Saving Money – I have gotten into couponing more in the last few months.  I have had a few people ask me if I am an extreme couponer.  The answer is, not even close but I am working on it!

I am going to try and post here more often.  Likely my posts will be about my crafting and my couponing.  But I likely will post some pictures and stories from my trips that I have taken and whatever hits my fancy at the moment.