Friday, January 28, 2011

Time for New Projects!

So I managed to finish off my knitting projects, and its time to start some new ones.  I did attempt to start some socks the other night but didn't get too far, I just ripped it out several times.  I will try again another day.

I also have started a new crochet project - a granny square blanket.  I am using blue and pink together and will be donating it to the Crisis Nursery along with all the scarves I have made.  I did notice night that I have a scarf that I haven't finished in crochet, but I think I only have a row or two left (long rows) so I can finish it without too much effort.

I will have pictures in a few days.  :)


  1. I tried knitting. A friend of mine was trying to teach me. But, after writing all day for work, then all night for school my hands just could not handle it.

    For Christmas my fiance bought me a knitting machine. It makes all these neat things, but I have not had time to even use it!

    I love the kitten them on your blog here!

  2. yah, that part can be tough. crochet is a bit easier on the hands, i think. i find it quite relaxing. You need to use that machine! you're right, they can do awesome things!