Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Update of my Life

I know, I haven’t been updating.  I think I start out all my posts like this.  But then, no one complains, which means likely no one is reading, so the lack of updates don’t really matter.

So here is what is going on in my life:

We are coming up on our yearend, so life is about to get hectic.  While my job doesn’t have a lot of extra duties associated with it at yearend, there is prep work to be done as things that have been ignored for a while have to be dealt with.  I foresee overtime in my future, which is okay by me as the brakes in my car need to be dealt with.

Tis the season that people start to buy candles and things are starting to pick up in that regard for me.  Of course, some of my bookings are corresponding with my busy time at work, so I foresee a bit of a crazy and busy two weeks in November.  Hopefully it will be worth it!

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and then writing reviews on my friend’s book blog at so come check it out!  

I re-joined my wednesday night group and have started working with double pointed needles.  I am getting close to ready to attempt a pair of socks!

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