Monday, October 4, 2010

Travelling Differences

I recently travelled to Ontario to meet up with my great friend Amanda.    She is actually from Ohio, but we decided to meet up in Southern Ontario.

It’s funny how little things you don’t even notice jump out at others when you are travelling.  For instance, Amanda likes to drink iced tea but here is it sweetened, whereas in the States is it not.   We made a stop at Costco and she had to check out all the different types of candy that we have here that she can’t get in the States.  I made her try poutine and wanted to feed her ketchup chips, but apparently they don’t make Old Dutch out east.

I enjoyed the fact that I was actually travelling in my own country and I did not have to change money, go through customs, or any of the other hassles of going to another country.
That being said, my next trip will likely be out of country.

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