Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall is Coming

With fall coming, many of us get back to the routines that were abandoned earlier.  I find it rather interesting how the lives of so many revolve around school even if we do not have children.  

However, with that said, my fall this year does have some bearing on school as I am returning to night classes this fall.  I decided back in the spring that it was time to return to school and am working on my business certificate/diploma/I am not 100% sure.  The school I go to has a variety of different programs which are all connected which is why I am not exactly sure where I will end up.

I will be taking two classes this fall – one of which is a night class and the other is an online class. I do not expect either one to be too difficult as they are introductory classes.   Most of the difficult classes have been completed as part of my accounting certificate but I know I have one or two math classes to take.

Fall also means a return to my craft group which I am looking forward to.  While I have been crafting this summer with some different groups, it will be nice to return to this group as well.  This will bring my crafting time to two times a week and possible a bit more if my twitter group gets together and I am able to attend.

Another thing that I appreciate about fall is the cooler temperatures, although, I am not a fan of the cold temperatures that will come later.  But for now, I will continue to ignore them and not think about them.

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  1. Even without kids so many other places schedule around back to school and fall that it is hard to miss the event.

    Good luck with your college classes.