Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Shopping Made Easy

I am not a Boxing Day shopper; I am not a shopper at the best of times.  But, I received my flyers and went through them to see if there was anything worth my time and money.  And I did find one thing.

Michaels Flyer

As you may know, I recently learnt how to knit, and I have picked up my crochet needles again.  And while I have not gotten through much of my stash, a girl can never have too much yarn stash, can she?  (I think some of the threads on Ravelry are getting to me!).   

Michael’s was kind enough to have several different types of yarn on sales, and generously included a coupon that was good for 25% off everything you purchased, including those items that were already on sale!  This coupon cinched the deal for me, and I headed out at 11:30 this morning to go shopping.

I got some great deals; at least, I think they were, as much of the yarn I bought was 50% off, and then another 25% off.  I ultimately spent 100 bucks; although, I did buy a hook for 10 dollars, a photo box for 2 bucks and probably about 10 dollars worth of scrap booking materials.  The great thing is, I already have projects in mind for some of the yarn, and as a result, I had to buy 4 or 5 skeins of most yarns to make sure if I changed which yarn I was going to use, I would still have enough.  :)

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