Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crafting for Charity

When it comes to crafting, sometimes there are things you make that you just have no use for, or you choose to make them due to odds and ends you have.  These are great to donate to a charity near you. 
Every Christmas, different departments at my work make donations to a variety of charities.  One of the departments adopts a family, where they collect food and gifts for a family that is in need.  I asked them last year if they would be interested in some scarves, as I have many single balls of yarn, and they are not good for many projects as one ball cannot go very far.  They said they would love them, so I created half a dozen or so crocheted scarves for them to give away. 
I have continued this year as I still have much yarn that has no real good use other than a scrap blanket or for making scarves.  With the way the temperatures get up here, everyone could use a nice scarf to keep their ears warm.  I may branch out and try to make a hat or two as well, if I can find a pattern that does not look too difficult, but it feels great to get rid of this yarn, and to give something that can be truly appreciated.  I must say, it is amazing the appreciation I get just from my co-workers for these scarves that only take an hour or two to whip up.
Of course, if you want to craft for charity, there are a lot of great places that you can craft and donate to.  Many of them are right in your backyard and you may not even be aware of it.  Hospitals appreciate donations of little hats and booties for babies (my girl friend got a set of these when her baby was born, which she was able to take home) or you can Google for charities around home and contact them to see if they need any items donated.

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